Red Broiler Chicken

Red Broiler – Sold as Baby Chicks Only



A great alternative to the white commercial Jumbo Cornish Cross chicken would be Sahara Farming second choice for best meat chickens for sale. Red Broiler is slower growing than the Jumbo Cornish Cross chicken but faster growing than the regular heritage chicken breeds. This makes for a great broiler without some of the health issues the commercial Jumbo Cornish Cross might encounter. At 9-10 weeks the males should be at 6 lbs and the females should be at 5 lbs. They are easier to free range and manage foraging for food very well as compared to the Jumbo Cornish Cross chicken. You will love these chickens for raising chickens for meat and organic free range chickens.


Average Live Weights

1  Week                    12 to 14 oz
2  Week                      1 lb 4 oz
3  Week                      2 lb 0 oz
4  Week                     2 lb 12 oz
5  Week                     3 lb   8 oz
6  Week                     4 lb   6 oz