White Chantecler Chicken

White Chantecler – Sold as Baby Chicks Only 



The Chantecler originated in the Quebec Province of Canada and is a dual-purpose chicken. The Chantecler is the first Canadian breed of chicken. Under the supervision of Brother Chatelain, the monks of the Cistercian Abbey in Oka, Quebec, sought to create a fowl of vigorous and rustic temperament that could resist the climatic conditions of Canada. The White Chantecler was introduced to the public in 1918 and admitted to the American and Asian Poultry around 1921. The breed is noted for having nearly no wattles and a small cushion comb appearing much like a small round button sitting low on the head. An excellent layer of brown eggs and a good winter layer. At 20 weeks, the average live weight for males are 7 pounds 8 ounces to 9 pounds.  The breed is noted for being calm, gentle and personable. You will love these giant and friendly chickens.