Silver Arowana Fish

Silver Arowana For Sale, the Silver Arowana is a bony, freshwater fish that is native to the South American Amazon River Basin. Also known as the Dragon Fish, Monkey Fish, and occasionally misspelt as Arawana and Arahuana, this fish is adored by many hobby aquarists. Arowana are strong powerful swimmers, and can be fairly aggressive at times. They are a predator fish that can grow up to 4 foot in size and weigh in excess of 6kg. When raised in captivity you should expect an Arowana to have a lifespan of 10-15 years.


If you ever encounter them in the wild, you will notice their unique hunting style. They have a huge leap which allows them to hunt animals on low level branches etc. They also have the ability to survive short periods of time out of water, by using their swim bladder. Their huge size, precarious nature and long lifespan make them a fish that only experienced aquarists should consider.

Silver Arowanas’ Appearance

The Silver Arowana is a much sought after fish, normally the crowning jewel in any collection. They are large and silver colored, and can grow up to 4 foot in the wild, however when kept in captivity you should expect them to grow to around 3 foot. In terms of weight the average Arowana will weigh around 4.6kg (10lb) when fully matured.

Its most distinguishing characteristic is its jawline. Affectionately referred to as a ‘drawbridge’, their mouth is nearly vertical. As for their body, you will see they have large pearl-like silver scales across their entire body. As juveniles these scales can have a blueish tint to them. Their long sleek body appears flat when viewed from the side, and if you look closely you will notice their dorsal is almost fused with the caudal fin.

Females are generally ‘thicker’, with males being more slender and having a larger anal fin. As for their growth rate, they start out small (around 4 inches after their egg sack has been consumed), but grow exceptionally fast. During their first year they will grow 2 inches each month. So you need to make sure they are well fed and have plenty of space in their aquarium.