White Refined Sugar

Lead Time:

Minimum Supply Quantity (Tons) 20
Est. Delivery Time(days) 14 – 25 To be negotiated


Product Type Sugar Type Sugar Cube
Form Liquid Processing Type Refined
Color White Packaging Bag
ICUMSA 45-1200 Brix (%) 45
Purity (%) 100 Certification ISO
Weight (kg) 5 Shelf Life 2 Year
Place of Origin Brazil Brand Name OEM
Model Number HL1010-31 Primary Ingredient Beet Sugar, Cane Sugar

Products Specification

Colour of the solution: 45 ICUMSA units max
Radiation: Within internationally accepted limits
Moisture content:    0.06% max
Invert sugar content:  0.04% max
Conductivity ash:   0.04% max
Sulphur dioxide: 15 mg/kg max
Anti-caking agents: maximum level of 1.5 m/m singly or combination of following agents:
-Calcium phosphate, tribasic
– Magnesium carbonate
– Silicon dioxide, amorphous (dehydrated silica gel)
– Calcium silicate
– Magnesium trisilicate
– Sodium aluminosilicate
– Calcium aluminosilicate
Polarization:   99.7% min
Moisture content: 0.06% max
Invert sugar content:  0.04% max
Conductivity ash:  0.04% max
Total bacteria:  60 max
E. Coli:  30 max
Mould:  25 max
Sulphur dioxide (SOsub2):   15 max
Arsenic (As):      0.5 max
Lead (Pb):    0.5 max